• Wempe Catering

    Wempe Catering

    Bakery Wempe caters for all occasions. We can provide you with a location to host you evetn in one of our shops or we can come to your home or office. From simple to elegenat the possibilities are endless. Please call us at 15998818442 to find out more.

  • Wempe Art Café (Changbai Island, Heping District

    Wempe Art Café (Changbai Island, Heping District

    Wempe Art Café opened in May 2015 and quickly established itself as favorite to enjoy a westen breakfast with friends or a beer in the beer garden during the summer. Head over to Wempe Art Café every Saturday for our all you can eat BBQ featuring sausages grilled to perfection, marinated pork neck steacks, garlic bread fresh salads, fries and cakes. all for only RMB 150 including one alcoholic beverage. Call Johnny at 024 23760093 for more information.

  • Bakery Wempe Wen An Lu (Wempe Strasse)

    Bakery Wempe Wen An Lu (Wempe Strasse)

    Some call it the shop, some call it the butcher, some call it Wempe some can never find it at all. Fact is it is the mecca of everything German north of Beijing, offering freshly baked loafs and rolls of the best bread you can find. The biggest western cold cut and sausage selection in the north east. Famous for it's sandwiches and know for keeping some longer than others on the terrace drinking ice cold beers until dawn. Thursday's we hold the longest continually running German corner in China. Call Jin at 024 23907866